Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hooray for May

Goodbye May and hello June! The sun is starting to shine here (well sort of) and the grass is getting green (well ours needs a bit ofwork to get there), but it's starting to feel like summer! Since I nerd out on numbers, here is my recap of the month in numbers:

- Races: 0
- Weeks off running: 2 (It was a looooong 2 weeks)
- Races signed up for: 3
- Pairs of running shoes bought: 1
- Weeks of cross-training: 4

- Weird dishes made: 3 x 4 weeks= 12 (I made these items over and over and over...)
- Normal recipes made: 0 (it was a lazy month)
- BBQs bought: 1 (hence the lazy month. Pretty much everything was grilled)
- Cups of coffee per day: 2

- Years married: 1 (yay for anniversary month)
- Vacation days taken to celebrate anniversary: 7
- Temperature of anniversary destination place: 90F (that's right, I finally found sun)
- Theme parks visited while on vacation: 5 (can you guess where we went?)
- Dollars spent on outlet mall shopping: $300
- Items bought at outlet mall: 15 (Shopping in the U.S. is seriously awesome)
- Number of times I have added color commentary in this post: 11 (Color commentary = anything in brackets)
- Disney pins collected: 4
- yes that's right we went to the happiest place on earth to celebrate 1 year

Hooray for May! It was a fun one.


  1. You bought the same runners as me! (Twin moment!!)Mine are yellow and grey though. They're really good - nice and light when running and the arch support is really good!

  2. Sweet! I didn't even mean to buy the same ones. Well if they fit you well then they'll definitely fit me.