Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cross Training

My shins are sore. Ever since my half marathon where it snowed, I get a pain in my legs when I run. It's tough to accept but I have decided to tone down the running so I can prevent a long term injury. Since I can't sit still, I have started some cross training to keep me in shape. Here are a some exercises I've substituted for the running, on top of icing every day:

5 days a week. I started biking to work everyday, which is about 20min each way. I have to get to work somehow, so why not get a workout out of it.

Aerobic DVDs
2-3 times per week. I prefer DVDs that have a good blend of cardio and weight training. My favorite DVDs are from the Get Ripped series. They last around 1 hour and boy do you get a good burn from them.

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