Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two Weeks With No Running = Sign Up for Races

So 2 weeks ago I decide to take a break from running to heal my legs. After my half marathon I was getting a pain in my calf every time I ran so I bit the bullet and took some time off. What did I do in the meantime? Well I biked more and did some aerobic-body-pump style workout dvds. I also watched other runners on the pathway with extreme jealousy, and oh right, I signed up for three more 10 km races! My justification was that signing up for them will give me the motivation to heal.....sure that makes sense [insert sarcasm]. Truthfully, my legs are feeling much better, so it's probably o.k. to do some races. It all started with me stumbling across information for a night time race:

The Energizer Night Race (link)
It's a night time race and you wear a headlamp. How could I not sign up for it?!

Then I decided I needed to train for this race (which is in August) by signing up for a race in June.

The Bowness Centennial Race (link)
I don't know anything about this race besides that it's 10 km and in June. The course looks neat and it's a part of the city I don't know much about.

And finally I signed up for a race at the end of August, which I was planning to do all along.

The Calgary Women's Run (link)
I'm still trying to convince my mum to run it with me since we can sign up as a team. For those of you who don't know, my mum is a super fast runner, so my plan is to get her on my team so I can actually win some hardware for once.

Here's to hoping I'm healed in time!

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  1. What about your sister on your team?? In another country and injured...what's not to love?