Saturday, April 9, 2011

Race recap: Breaking Ice at the Icebreaker

Last weekend I ran my first 10km race of the season, The Glencoe Ice Breaker. The race was on Sunday and on Saturday it started to snow. A lot. Oh and it wasn't a nice, light dusting of snow, that would make running no problem. It was a lovely 20 cm of the thick heavy stuff. Sunday morning we woke up to this:

Part of me thought that the whole thing would be cancelled, but as I have learned in this city, no amount of crazy weather can stop runners. We are crazy like that.

The course was icy, really icy in fact. A guy beside me slipped and fell on one of the corners and at that point I figured this was not going to be the race to get a personal best. I really didn't want to get injured before my half marathon in a few weeks. My final official time was 50:18, which I'll take, seeing as most people were around 3 minutes slower than their personal best. New game plan: find a race in the summer and use that to get a personal best. Now back to the half marathon training.

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  1. OMG, good for you to actually get out and run in that.