Thursday, April 28, 2011


April is almost over?! I'm trying to figure out where the month went. April is always an interesting month in Western Canada. This year the snow melted enough to start biking to work, but there was still enough snow on April 23rd to go skiing. I was able to graduate from full length tights to crops and a toque/mitts to headband for running, but it snowed buckets for the two races I did this month. Yes in April it can be sunny and shorts weather one day and 20cm of snow the next. Proof: Yesterday's forecast was +15 Celsius, tomorrow is snow and 2 degrees Celsius. Why do I live here? Oh this is why:

Here is what happened in this lovely spring month:
  • Moved to our new house (in snow)
  • Started bike commuting (in snow, rain and sun)
  • Ran my first 10km of the year (in snow)
  • Ran my first ever half marathon (in snow, damn I'm sensing a trend)
  • Skied on the second last weekend of the month (I got a sun burn)
May is an exciting month, you know why? It will be our 1st anniversary. Hopefully the weather will be nicer

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  1. i can't believe it's almost 1 year for you where does the time go?

    And shitty calgary weather right...i heard 15cm of snow tomorrow. WTF