Sunday, March 6, 2011

Working Out When Sick

Last week I had a cold. It was not fun. My head felt like it was 200lbs, my nose was running like a tap, and I had that dry cough that leaves you with a man-voice. I was so attractive, I don't know how Bill could have resisted me. Anyway, when I get sick I have the mental debate of should I work out or not. I always want to workout but sometimes rest is just as important, or so I'm told. Well I decided to workout and then research to see if it was ok. Ignorance is bliss sometimes. The verdit: it's ok to workout when the cold is above the neck but only moderate intensity. Sweet! I like finding out that I'm right.

Here are some links on the topic, if you are interested and if you want a more trustworthy source:

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