Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shredding it in Golden

When you live in a city that has 6 world class ski hills within a 3 hour drive, you pretty much have to go out to one of the hills for a weekend of snowboarding, hot tubbing, partying. It's an easy getaway for the weekend after a stressful week at work. I don't go snowboarding often but when I do, this is the way to do it. On Friday after work, Bill and I hoped into the car and proceeded on the most nerve-wracking 3 hour drive on a snow covered one-lane highway, in the pitch black, with oncoming semi-trucks. It was sketchy, but completely worth it when we pulled up to the condo on the hill and saw 4 feet of powder. I mean how can you complain about this:

Kicking Horse Ski Resort

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  1. WOW! I'm jealous! Looks like an amazing weekend for Snowboarding!