Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Amazing Discoveries: Things That Stick

I had a few amazing discoveries today. Two great ones and one not so much. They were so epic that I had to share.

1. Homemade veggie burges do not make good pre-run fuel
(This was the not so great discovery.) After dinner tonight, Bill and I decided to go for a run. About 15 minutes in I asked if we could walk because I didn't feel so hot. Bill was more than happy to because he wasn't feeling so hot either. I was feeling barfy and the dinner I made was definitely sticking to my stomach too much. No need to worry, I pride myself on having an iron stomach so that dinner did not reappear. Lesson learned: my experiment with homemade veggie burgers was a fail.

2. The headband that finally stays put (for the most part)
I have a head shape that can not hold a headband. I have tried and tried to find one that stays put, ranging from the tiny to the wide to the expensive-no-slip versions, but to no avail, they alway pop right off my head. I have the headband down to an art where I put my hair into a low ponytail and bobbypin the shiz out of them, but they still manage to slip. Le sigh.

Today everything changed. A few weeks ago, I saw across the blog world that everyone was raving about these BIC Bands, claiming they did not slip. Challenge accepted! I ordered two (because that's what you do in Canada, you order multiples of things to justify the shipping and customs charges) and they arrived in the mail last night. Today I put them to the ultimate challenge, high-up ponytail and no bobby pins. I was nervous, but they passed the test. No slippage! Well until I went on my run tonight. I think it was my fault though as I pushed the BIC band too far on it's rookie day out.

3. Nail polish that doesn't chip
Ok I know what you are thinking, this has nothing to do with exercise. Wrong. I have always had chipped-nail-polish nails from all the hockey/skiing/biking/any-sport-that-involves-gloves. All of these sports destroy a fresh manicure in a matter of seconds. I impulsively bought these Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips the other day (the sparkles got to me). I tried them out and so far they have yet to chip. Granted I have only biked twice, but usually by this point my weekend nail polish job is looking a little lack luster. Not this time around. These bad boys hold their own. I highly recommend for those who do a lot of sports but want pretty nails.

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