Friday, July 1, 2011

Keeping Active While Traveling

It seems like I've been traveling a lot lately. A month ago we were in Florida for vacation, then last week I was in Chicago for work, and soon we are off to Mexico. This is odd for me since I barely ever travel and am a bit of a home body. The toughest part for me is that it makes it hard to stick to my workout plan, and as a planner, I get super anxious when I can't stick to a plan.
I'm no expert on staying fit while on the move, but here are a few things I figured out so far:

- See if you hotel has a fitness center - these can sometimes be tiny and consist of only 1 treadmill and a few free weights, but it's better than nothing

- Go for a run to explore the city - I only do this if I feel safe in the city

- Find some no-weights-required workouts - my favorite source is Women's Health Magazine because they have a lot of great workouts that you can put right onto your iPod and do in your hotel room

- Pushups and sit-ups - sometimes you just don't want to workout while traveling. When I'm feeling less motivated, I try to do a few pushups and sit-ups before bed. I usually do 30 reps of each, then 20, then 10

- Walk as much as possible - This is a great way to discover a city. Rather than taking taxi's and transit everywhere, try walking around to different attractions

I hope these tips help.

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